Finding subset from a given set

Your job is find out which of find which records are not present in child set but are present in parent set.

Suppose you have 2 set of records. Parent set containing 2000 odd records and child set containing say 700 records.

To accomplish this I’ll suggest to take help from excel.

Step 1: Load parent set in a worksheet. Name as “Parent”.

Step 2: Load child set in another worksheet. Name as “Child”

Step 3: Use VLOOKUP in conjuction with ISNA function

  • VLOOKUP will do the filtering job
  • ISNA is take the result of VLOOKUP. In case the interested record is not in the list then this function returns error as #NA. ISNA function returns TRUE/FALSE to the reuslt if VLOOKUP.
  • The formula is: =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(A2,Child!A$2:B$15,1,FALSE))=TRUE,”Y”,”N”)

Step 4: Create a extra colum in parent worksheet name “IsMatched?” and use above said formula to the rest of job.

Record with “Y” suggest these records present in child set

Recrod with “N” suggest these records are not in child set


Hope this helps!!


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